“Inspiration!”  It’s a word that immediately conjures images for each of us, based upon those ideas, people, places, and things that we admire.  It’s an important word for us here at Terrapin Architecture, as it forms the basis for all of our design work.  Every project is rooted equally in the rich soil our inspiration, and those sources of inspiration that are brought to the table by our clients. So, while each project starts with our admiration for our Olympic Peninsula home, with its stunning beaches, rain forests, and majestic peaks, and our delight in the unique setting and wide range of historic Northwestern house and building styles found in our amazing hometown of Port Townsend, each project is also unique because each one of you, our clients, comes with your own world of inspiration.  It’s our job to listen to you carefully and distill what inspires you, and to integrate those ideas and images into your project.


The underlying idea behind all our design work is that well-designed buildings can enrich the quality of life of their users.  Our goal is to design a building for you that will still delight you years after the excitement of the design and construction process has gone by.  Our method is to listen carefully to what you want, and to assure that those needs and desires become important design criteria as we move the design forward.  In addition, we practice what we consider to be good design methodology that has been important to skilled designers for generations.
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